Erin & Min's Wedding - Part II - Chattanooga, TN: Atlanta, GA: Shutter Sweet Photography
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Erin & Min’s Wedding – Part II

19 Mar Erin & Min’s Wedding – Part II

Welcome back everyone! If you missed Part I of Erin & Min’s wedding, be sure to check it out. We covered Erin & Min getting ready, the beautiful photos we captured around the park, and the sweet look on Min’s face as he watched Erin walk down the aisle with her dad. We broke the photos into two posts because their wedding was so full of amazing memories, including a Korean wedding portion, and we didn’t want to overwhelm you putting it all in one post!

Erin & Min exchanged vows as the sun was setting behind the skyline of Atlanta in the background at Park Tavern. As soon as the ceremony was over, we went outside to capture a picture with the bridal party and then hustled back inside to get photos with family. We were on a really tight schedule because Erin and Min needed time to change before the reception for the Korean ceremony. Guests enjoyed drinks while the ceremony area was transformed with cushions, Korean food, orchids, painted screen, and more.

Erin & Min changed into their attire for the Korean ceremony and were welcomed with a standing ovation into the reception. They made their way to the front where Jang from Hanbok Nara welcomed them and led them through the Korean Paebek. Erin & Min were presented with wooden ducks for their marriage since they mate for life. Their parents sat on cushions and Erin & Min bowed to them, representing the uniting of families. At one point, each set of parents got to throw nuts and dates into the cloth Erin & Min were holding, and however many they caught represented the number of kids they would have. Min’s parents had incredible skill and they ended up catching nuts and dates in the double digits. When it was Erin’s parents’ turn, Min “sneezed” conveniently so they didn’t catch any more! We all had a good laugh. There were so many great moments to share!

After the Paebek, Erin & Min changed back into their formal attire and joined everyone for a delicious dinner. Amp’d Entertainment kept the party going all night on the dance floor until it was time for toasts and cake cutting. More dancing followed until it was time for the sparkler send-off. I believe there was even an after-party with the bride and groom for everyone who wasn’t ready to call it a night. We are so excited to share these moments with you form Erin & Min’s wedding and hope you enjoy part two:

We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek for Erin & Min’s Wedding! The full gallery will be posted soon and shared with the Bride & Groom.

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