Event Photographer in Atlanta - Embagga Concert at Buckhead Theater
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“Embagga Means Party” Concert in Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theater

05 Aug “Embagga Means Party” Concert in Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theater

I am so excited to share this post with you all! I’ve been a little delayed in getting this online because I had a death in the family that caused me to be gone for a week, but I’m back. This story starts long before I enter the picture, but I first learned about it when I got an email looking for an event photographer in Atlanta. The email asked if I would be willing to donate my services to photograph the Embagga Means Party concert to benefit the African Children’s Choir and I immediately responded with a huge YES! The email explained that a documentary film is being made so they just wanted some still pictures to capture it in addition to what the video crew captures.

My heart as always been tied to telling stories – my way is through photos and words – but I love watching documentaries as well. The ones I’ve watched on Netflix that have captured my heart are films about African children and stories in Africa like War Dance. When I saw in the email that Erin is making a documentary film about this group, and I was invited to be a part of it in a very small way, I jumped out of my chair with excitement. There are so many bigger stories going on around us and I get excited when I can help tell them.

I joined the group at the Buckhead Theater in the afternoon to set up. As I walked in, I noticed they were setting out t-shirts that said “Angel for President” next to the event shirts. I asked what that was about and they said each of the kids were interviewed on what they wanted to be when they grew up and Angel, a little girl, said she wanted to be the first woman president of Uganda. Not only did she have t-shirts to support her, but former President Jimmy Carter heard about it and sent her a copy of his book that he personally signed. All of the kids were so joyful and unique. I was able to enjoy part of the sound check and capture some of it.

Before the concert, the kids had a time of devotions and worship before the VIP meet and greet. They have the most beautiful voices that made me feel as if I were in Heaven. It was such a beautiful time together and I hope that it is highlighted in the video, because I would be sad if other people couldn’t hear their sweet songs. When it was time for the VIP meet and greet, there were so many people who came to meet the children. A captain for AirTran, who is also a yoga master, tried to teach the kids how to stand on their heads which was very entertaining! Two of the boys wanted to be pilots so that was also special for them. Representatives from Spanx also came and took one of my favorite photos of the girls making silly faces. The VIP meet and greet was a lot of fun with much laughter and smiles.

When it was time for the concert, everyone moved into the main auditorium as four of the boys played drums by the doors as a welcoming to the crowd. The kids performed several times throughout the night and took breaks while the ATL Collective performed in addition to the Lone Bellow and other talented artists. The night finished with an encore of “This Little Light of Mine” with all the bands and choir singing together. It truly was an incredible evening as money was raised through generous donations, a silent auction and merchandise sales to help complete their mission. If you’re interested in learning how you can be involved, please check out Imba Means Sing! They are always accepting financial donations as well as skymiles to help finish the film and raise money to help the choir. We have over 250 photos in a gallery and a portion of print sales will be donated back to the group through our Photography Gives Back program as well.

Without further ado, please enjoy the highlights from the Embagga Concert at the Buckhead Theater.

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I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights from the Embagga Means Party concert. If you’d like to view the full gallery, please go over to our client site. Thank you!

  • Helen weeks
    Posted at 09:10h, 08 August Reply

    Beautiful pics!

  • Molly
    Posted at 12:59h, 08 August Reply


    Thank you so much for donating your time and your incredible talent to work with Erin and the Choir for this event. Your work is beautiful.
    I work with the Choir remotely from Denver and wish so much I could have been there for the event.
    I especially love the headstand photos and the pictures of the children sitting and laughing –right before my other favorites- the B/W shots of the children lifting their hands in worship.
    They truly are a special, incredible, joyful group of children to interact with, aren’t they?

    You are a gift.
    Be bless as you continue to bless us!

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